The Tall Lady With The Iceberg

The power of metaphors to sell, persuade & explain anything to anyone!

" important book…Filled with fresh thinking, this book should be a "must read" for all salespeople and business leaders who want to take their communication skills to the next level."
-Jill Konrath
Author -SNAP! Selling
The $1.2 Billion Metaphor

In 1980, Lee Iacocca went to Congress to get $1.2 billion in loan guarantees for then failing Chrysler. Congress was not interested in a bailout, which is how it perceived the loan. Iacocca cleverly changed that perception by substituting the image “safety net” for “bail out.” He argued that the government provided all kinds of safety nets for its citizens and Chrysler, with all its employees, represented a large group of citizens. Chrysler’s problems were America’s problems; Chrysler’s bankruptcy would be America’s loss.

No congressperson wanted to be accused of denying hardworking Americans a safety net. Iacocca got his money.

Lee Iacocca understood the power of metaphors. You too can use metaphors to capture attention, clarify complexity, vaporize objections, and inspire action in clients, customers, bosses, employees, colleagues—anyone you need to sell, influence, or lead.

In The Tall Lady with the Iceberg, business communications specialist Anne Miller shows you how to use metaphoric language to make complex or unfamiliar ideas simple and familiar to your listener. She demonstrates how to use metaphors, analogies, stories, images, and even props to instantly connect with a skeptical prospect, busy boss or apathetic colleague.

In this career-changing book, you’ll discover how to use metaphors to:

  • Instantly connect and gain understanding with prospects
  • Craft attention-getting openers for your speeches and presentations
  • Bring co-workers around to your point of view
  • Become a more persuasive and impactful leader
  • Spice up your PowerPoint slides and keep your audience engaged
  • Get heard – and understood – in today’s noisy world

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
 —Mark Twain


Start selling with lightning language. Get your copy of The Tall Lady with the Iceberg now.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in The Tall Lady with the Iceberg:

  • A Metaphor Vault of quotes, analogies, phrases and anecdotes you can use to describe over 80 concepts
  • 20 detailed exercises to build your metaphor muscle
  • A simple 4-step process for creating metaphors you can use in any situation
  • 25 case studies of metaphoric stories used by business people like you
  • Over 275 examples of winning metaphors used in business, politics, media, philanthropy, and law

“He is the best speaker who can turn men’s ears into eyes.”
 —Arabic proverb

The Tall Lady with the Iceberg will have you turning your listeners’ ears into eyes, clearly seeing what you’re saying. Whether you’re selling products or services, recommending a solution, leading a team, or advocating for a cause,

The Tall Lady with the Iceberg will help you make your case. Order your copy now.

“Like a hot knife through butter, the ideas in this book will melt away objections and help you spread your ideas further and faster. Don’t hesitate…learn what Anne’s got to teach.”
Seth Godin
Marketing Guru
“As alluring as ice-cold lemonade when you’re standing onTexas asphalt in August heat. Do you see how quickly I learned from this book?! Don’t leave home (and go to a client) without it.”
Alan Weiss
Author, “Million Dollar Consulting”
“Metaphors have the power to package big ideas and help them break through the clutter and indifference of our A.D.D. business climate. Anne puts that power into the hands of all sellers…and there aren’t metaphors strong enough to describe the impact.”
Doug Weaver
Lecturer, Trainer, Consultant
President Upstream Group
“I learned how to communicate and sell by listening to Anne Miller. For twenty years, I have found her counsel to be relevant and useful. This book is no exception. It has pride of place on my bookshelf.”
Sam Hill, Author, “Radical Marketing” and “Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes”
“Successful communicators from Aristotle to Reagan and Clinton have used the wisdom in this book to sell their ideas. This book is the perfect tool for people like you and me when we want to close a deal.”
Michael C. Donaldson
Author, "Negotiating for Dummies"
“Anne Miller is one of those people who fully understands the sales process and what works and what doesn’t. There are sales books and there are sales books. This is the top of the list. It’s real, to the point, a fun read, and it works.”
Richard Kinsler, President, SLG Advertising and former Publisher, New York Magazine
“The use of appropriate, timely, tasteful and powerful metaphorical illustrations are the poetry of all superb communicators. Anne shows how to use metaphors to dramatize the sales process. A must read.”
Tony Whatley
President, Accessor Capital Management
“Once again, Anne Miller applies her unmatched insight, clarity, and approachability to drive home the science of selling. Metaphorically Selling is a compelling must for all persuaders.”
Kevin Allen
Chief Collaboration Officer
Interpublic Group, Inc.

About The Author
Anne Miller - Words Matter Make What You Say Pay!
Anne Miller is a recognized authority on getting heard in today’s noisy world. High profile associations and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide rely on her for sales and presentation skills seminars, speaking, and consulting. Anne has appeared on Bloomberg News Radio and CNNfn and has been featured in numerous online and offline publications and as a guest lecturer at Columbia Business School. She is the author of three other books: Make What You Say Pay!, 365 Sales Tips for Winning Business, and Presentation Jazz! The founder of business communications firm Chiron Associates, Inc., Anne holds her MA from The University of Wisconsin and resides in New York City.

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